Health-E-Quip offers a wide range of services to fit the needs of all our customers.

Diabetic shoe fitting - We have several staff members that are certified fitters in Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes.

Home Delivery - We have a dedicated delivery staff for home set ups of various equipment. We also offer mail-order supplies for PAP and nebulizers.

In-House Billing - We have our very own billing staff in our main office to assist you in any questions you have about insurance and coverage.

Mastectomy - We offer mastectomy fittings and have certified fitters to ensure the perfect look and fit of your prosthesis.

Standard and Power Mobility - We offer a wide range of mobility equipment including crutches, wheelchairs, and power mobility.

Service Department - We have a dedicated, certified service department to inspect and repair a multitude of problems.

Respiratory - We have licensed respiratory therapists on staff to answer your questions about oxygen, PAP therapy, and all other respiratory services.

Retail - We offer a wide range of retail items for customers and medical staff alike. Things like bathroom and walking aides, shoes, and professional equipment and uniforms.

If you have any questions about other services we may offer, please call your local office.